How to Make £10 Per Week

How to Make £10 Per Week

Making Money

No money is needed to start your journey of earning extra income.

Start by including one site into your daily routine, and then when you understand how to earn from this first site add in another then another. This way it becomes part of your routine and you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Using these sites you can aim for £10 per week split:

PTC £3

Casual Earning Sites £4

Surveys £3

PTC (Pay-To-Click):

These are sites where you get paid small amount for clicking and viewing adverts. You can also earn a little by referring people to these sites.

Neobux: Click Adverts

Buxvertise: Click Adverts

Scarlet Clicks: Click Adverts

First site I would recommend starting with is Neobux on here just click the adverts available.

Casual Earning Sites:

I use a few of these sites to bring in small amounts of money.

Swagbucks: Daily Check List

Mobile Expressions: App download on Phone 1 credit for each week, 20 credits = £20 Amazon voucher

Futurenet: Click adverts min 10 per day & buy ad packs

Gifthulk: Check-in, surveys, Guess the Card game, web searches and Fountain of Youth Codes


Again I use a few of these sites as you never know what value surveys will be available:

Mintvine: Daily Poll and Surveys

One Poll: Surveys

Citizenme: Phone App, small Surveys paid straight to Paypal Account.

Panel Opinions: Mini Poll & Surveys

Start with small but consistent steps and develop your own DMO (Daily Method of Operation) and Personal Earning Plan see more information here about these.

Once you have developed the £10 per week income consistently then you can build in other income streams i.e. matched betting, reseller business on ebay and shopping cashback sites.


You then need to look at reinvesting some of what you make and putting a minimum 10% into investments such as property, shares or peer-to-peer lending from which you will receive dividends or interest. This is then building your passive income stream.

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Book Club: The More of less

The More of Less

By Joshua Becker

Minimalism, de-cluttering, spending less, saving money,

Creator of

This is an easy to read 200-page book about the story of Joshua Becker and how after a conversation with a neighbour changed his life forever.

Most of us are guilty of accumulating “stuff” but having all this “stuff” in your house and garage means you have extra cleaning, spend lots of your time organising and cannot use our garage for the car.

After this interaction with his neighbour Joshua Becker and his family decided to remove all nonessential possessions from their home. After donating, discarding or selling, they were left with less than 50% of their possessions.

As you may know from my blog posts and tweets de-cluttering is one of my top priorities at the moment. It is however, going to be a long journey. My health means that I can only sort out in small doses and I have two major obstacles, 2 teenage daughters, who just don’t want to throw anything away.

My husband and I have a 5-10 year to downsize our home once the children have completed school, college and/or university. It is to this purpose that we are aiming to reduce our clutter.

This book has helped me to understand that minimalism does not mean living in a house with white paint and little furniture. Minimalism is there for you to adapt to your own needs.

I enjoyed reading this book and have since joined his website newsletter for more up to date information.

If you are looking to change your buying habits/remove clutter then this is the book for you.

One of the plus sides of not having as much in your home is that when you stop buying “stuff” it helps your wallet.

If you have any comments regarding this book please leave them below.

Book Club Page:

Listing all previous books reviewed can be found here. 


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Store Loyalty Cards

Store Loyalty Cards


Boots, Loyalty Cards, Nectar, Bonus Card, Iceland, Co-op,

Does your purse bulge not with money (unfortunately) but with loyalty cards?

I love my loyalty cards as they provide the perfect way to help pay for Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong even though I love loyalty cards I still check that I am getting the best deal by buying from the store and that I couldn’t buy it cheaper elsewhere.

My Chosen Cards:




Iceland: More a savings scheme than loyalty

Current Balances:

Boots £16

CO-OP £20

Nectar £19

Iceland £17 (when balance reaches £20 they add £1 bonus)

So at the moment my loyalty balance is £72 this is from January this year. With four months left to go I would expect that my balances would total in the region of £100 at Christmas.

Update 13th September 2017:

Boots £21

CO-OP £24

Nectar £21

Iceland £21

Making at total balance of £87

How to Earn Loyalty Points:


One of the best known and most generous, receive 4 points per £1. They also have lots of ways to gain extra points with offers like spend £30 get 300 points or buy two shampoos get 100 extra points.

As stated before buying I always check prices and make sure that I am not paying more than I need to

At Christmas it is easy to build points as on one of their Christmas event days they usually offer, spend £50 get 1000 points, combine this with their three for two offers or special buys and the savings add up. Having two teenage daughters there is always a hairdryer, curlers or tongs on the wish list.


I love the new CO-OP membership card as not only does it benefit the member but it also benefits the local community and causes. On selected CO-OP branded goods you can earn 5% of what you spend and 1% for your local community/causes. Yes I am aware that their prices can be dearer than the bigger supermarkets. However, if my husband was to get into his car and drive every time we needed a loaf or pint of milk I don’t think we would save very much. They also do have some good offers often the same or better than the bigger supermarkets.


At Sainsbury’s you can earn 1 Point per £1 in store and 1 Point per litre of fuel. Attach your Nectar account to ebay and earn points when you purchase items.

I have the Nectar toolbar downloaded on my computer and use it to search for websites. From this you can earn 1 Nectar point for two searches with 100 points the maximum in any month. By searching 6 websites per day equalling 3 points I can achieve this quite easily. This gives you £1 per month, which is £12 for the year just for doing what you were going to do anyway search online.


This is more of a savings scheme and I add a couple of pounds every time I shop. When my savings get to £20 Iceland add £1 to my savings. They also 2/3 times a year run special bonus promotions currently if I spend £27 2 or more times between 17 July – 20 August 2017 they will reward me with a £6 bonus.

With a bonus card you can also have free home delivery from store with a minimum spend of £20.

Although I save my rewards towards Christmas it is not necessary. With all of the loyalty schemes listed above you can use your points/money at any time of the year.

Best of the Rest

Costa Coffee Club:

Earn 5 points per £1; spent on drinks or food, each point is worth 1p. Use your points to purchase free food or drink.

Debenhams Beauty Card:

Receive 3 points per £1 on beauty, fragrance, beauty services and beauty electricals. Earn £5 for every 500 points, which can be spent on your favourite beauty products as full or part payment.

Superdrug Beautycard:

Earn 1 point per £1. They also run special offers and promotions where you can earn extra points. One added bonus is that as a Beautycard member you can have free delivery when ordering online regardless of your order value. They also offer extra value to Beautycard Members I recently received an additional 5% off perfume even though it was already discounted.

What are your favourite loyalty cards?

Please comment below.




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My Love of Collectables

My Love of Collectables

Antiques, Collectable, Sylvac Rabbits,

As you may know already from reading previous blog posts one of the online incomes I have is from my Antiques & Collectable ebay store Mayfield Antiques.

I have always loved pottery in particular Poole Pottery of which I have a small selection of Volcano and Odyssey.

Sylvac Pottery:

I also have a small collection of Sylvac models Dogs & Bunnies. I was inspired to start collection Sylvac bunnies by the magazine Homes & Antiques. My husband bought me my first copy, Easter 2015, as something to look at, when I was ill in bed. In this issue was an article about a collector who had a huge Sylvac collection and I fell in love with both the magazine and the bunnies.

I bought my first Sylvac lop-eared bunny and now I keep looking every so often for reasonably priced bunnies to expand my collection.

As well as being able to display the items and enjoy them I am hoping that prices will rise on Poole and Sylvac. As I may look to sell in a few years when I have to downsize.

Poole Pottery, Sylvac,

Poole Pottery:

Poole Pottery did lose its value at auctions but seems to have regained some of the loss. One plate that I bought in the 1980’s is now worth triple the price paid.

Poole Pottery does exist even though it has been in administration it is now manufactured at the historic Middleport Pottery as part of the Burgess and Leigh Ltd group of Brands. They have bought in some new ranges still using the living glaze as well as some of the old favourites.

Living glaze involves the application of different glazes, which react with one another to achieve the unique results seen on each piece.

It seemed for a while that every time I received my magazine one of their features was on one of the items I collect.

I also sought out Black/White miniatures, which look stunning with their gold frames hung on my Raspberry colour bedroom wall. These were shown in another issue of Homes and Antiques. I managed to source 6 miniatures from ebay at very reasonable costs. Some of the miniatures are the world of Peter Bates Ltd, which were very popular at one time.

I will continue to look for pieces to add to both my Poole Pottery Collection and Sylvac.

Online Stores:

To take a look at the China and Pottery I sell online please see Mayfield Antiques on ebay and Mayfield on etsy.

Do you collect anything? If so please comment below.



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Book Club: The Naked Trader

The Naked Trader

By Robbie Burns


Shares, Stocks, Trading, Spread, Dividends, Profit, Loss,


Looking to trade in Shares?

Scared by all the words and acronyms could be the book for you. This is Stock Market investing for the regular person, written in plain English and with real life examples.

Robbie shows you how to trade from home without sitting in front of the computer all day, how to avoid losing your shirt and making you a tax free income.

New To Trading?

This book is perfect for those who are completely new to trading but is still useful to those with some experience.

Written in a fun manner you will find lots of help and advice but no stuffed shirt legal or gobbledygook jargon.

Buying at the Right Price

Robbie looks at how to buy and how to work out a good price to look for dividends being paid etc. He also goes through when to sell both when your shares are doing well and also when they have lost ground.

According to the Naked Trader you need a trading account plus access to live prices, the why and where to go are all explained in the book. Robbie covers the spread, trading costs, London Trading House, Dividends and different types of shares.


The style of writing in this book means it won’t be for everyone. However, if you were considering entering the share market then I would recommend this book as a good starting point in educating yourself.

Book Club Page:

Listing all previous Books reviewed can be found here.





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Income Report – August 2017

Income  Report- August 2017

Income Report, Dividens, Interest, Making Money, Casual, Click, Survey Sites

Income Report- August 2017

This is our fifth income report following our Personal Earning Plan (PEP). Our PEP breaks down all the different income streams we are currently working on into small and achievable daily/weekly targets. This helps to keep us motivated and on track.

It is a work in progress, until we find the right balance of income streams.

So how much did we make in August?

Total £326.78


Bank/Building Society Interest £0

Barclays Rewards £14.00

Bitcoin £10.18

Cash back £31.09

Coin £0.00

Click Sites £18.64

Casino/Bingo £162.00

Casual Earn Sites £37.40

Dividends £5.52

Personal Sales £7.05

Solar £0.00

Shopping Cash back Sites £1.15

Surveys £39.75

Vouchers £0.00

Matched Betting £481.24

In More Detail:

Click Sites £18.64

Part of our Personal Earning Plan read all about these sites and how you can make money from them

Casual Earn Sites £37.40

These are all sites where for completing tasks, surveys or playing games you can earn cash or vouchers go here to read more.

Surveys £39.75

This is quite a large amount as we looked at all our survey sites and found many of them had small amounts that we had already made. We are both working on these sites until we earn a payout. Find out which survey sites we use here.

I have now separated Matched Betting as I am looking to use this for our treats etc and it requires my input. My aim is to build my Personal Earning Plan into income streams where I am not required to put in loads of activity in case of periods of ill health

Matched Betting £481.24

Managed to get a couple of good wins where I had bet early and with the bookies Best Odds Guaranteed found myself making more than expected.


Our total for this month is good but didn’t quite meet my PEP target of £350 for August.   Septembers target not including Matched Betting is £400. This month the focus is on increasing our online sales with our current business Mayfield Antiques and also start a separate reselling business.

Net Worth

In order to stay motivated and on-track we monitor our net worth where we use our 3 Point Plan Pay, Save and Invest. To see how and why we do this take a look at our report from August 2017.

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Building Passive Income

Passive Income

Passive Income, Dividens, Shares, Stocks, Business, Crowd Funding,

I am looking to build on our passive income, currently this brings into our home around £45 per month.

So as part of our 10 step investment plan, read about it here, we are concentrating putting more money into income streams that achieve passive income such as share dividends, property investments (rent), and peer to peer lending (returns a monthly interest).

So what is Passive Income?

Passive income is an income from a source that once bought, as in shares; you do not need to do any further work, the dividends are paid regardless.

So how do you start building passive income?

Start by looking at what funds you has available in your budget. Cut out all unnecessary bills i.e. gym membership you don’t use or magazine subscriptions you are no longer interested in. Reduce your outgoings further by using comparison sites for cheaper insurance and fuel costs.

Use these funds and any more you can make from side hustles like surveys, click & casual sites to invest into passive income such as


The Stock market where you can buy stocks and shares for dividends and also, hopefully,  longterm growth on the stock value. One book I would recommend that you read before putting money in shares would be The Naked Trader by Robbie Burns


A Business could be through crowd funding site like Funding Circle, I recently made my first deposit into this site so will update on my thoughts later.


Property, again if you do not have the funds or income for buy-to-let then you could invest in property by crowd funding companies I have used are Property Moose (invest from £10) and  Property Partner.

To reduce you risk it is always worth investing in more than one area.

Net Worth:

Keep track of your net worth here is our report 1st September 2017

Independently Wealthy:

When your passive income equals or exceeds your outgoings then you can be classed as independently wealthy. I have a way to go before I can class myself as this but each day I work on my PEP (Personal Earning Plan) and on Pay, Save and Invest brings being Independently wealthy closer.

What methods are you using to bring in Passive Income? Please comment below.




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New Term, New Start

Autumn is Coming

New Term New Start, September, Plans, Autumn,

New School Year:

As my youngest daughter returns to school for her last year and in three weeks my eldest daughter will be returning to university for the her last year. It is time to reflect and plan for the time of year that I love.

It seems like everyone can have a new start so my plans for the next few months until Christmas are:


Follow the No Spend Month Challenge arranged by Nicola of The Frugal Cottage Blog.


Commit to 2 hours per week to the Emma Drew Blog Course, which I am currently working my way through. I have already implemented some changes but have lots more to do to make this blog what I want it to be.


Look and write my Christmas List so I can plan spending. I have saved with Park for vouchers all year and I have amounts to spend on my Co-op card, Sainsbury and Iceland See more of why I like Loyalty Cards here.


Ebay as much as possible on my personal site I have some clothes, shoes and toys to list.


Prepare a budget for September to December and work my PEP (Personal Earning Plan) to make £20 per day.


October 2017 I will be starting to save again via Park for Christmas 2018.


Continue de-cluttering both to make space in the house and to raise extra funds by finding things to sell.


Continue to make a little bit each week with Matched Betting this is now going to be extra money to my £20 per day and will be used for small treats etc.


Still looking to decorate the Hallway, which seems to have been on our permanent to-do list. I have asthma and paint is one of my triggers so it is difficult trying to find a time for my Husband to decorate where I can be somewhere else.

If anyone has used the Crown Breatheasy paints I would love you to comment about them.


Still looking to maintain investing via the 10-step plan.


Net worth as at 01/09/2017 was £16273 looking to increase this and have a Net Worth at 01/01/2018 of £ 18000. Net worth report 01/09/2017


Try to build traffic on social media sites for business and blog.

Have you any plans for the last four months of the year?

Please Comment below.


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Net Worth: 1st September 2017

New Worth 1st September 2017

Newt Worth, Assets, Liabilities, Investing, Saving, Debt,

Our 3 Point Plan is to Pay, Save & Invest

So where are we 1st September 2017:

Our net worth monthly tracker sheet allows us to see on the 1st of each month how we are doing:

1st August 2017: Our Assets minus Liabilities were £15694

At the 1st September 2017: Our assets minus liabilities now stand at £16273

An increase this month of + £579

The increase is due to a combination of paying down, saving more and some small investments. Small but regular payments towards our debt and investing seems to be working. Now we just have to continue building our online/passive income to continue this path.

I am using my Personal Earning Plan to build income for further investments. I am starting to produce a small weekly income from the Click/Casual/Survey Sites. For the Months of September, October, November and December I have set a daily target of making £20 per day.

With talk of the mortgage rate increasing at some point during the year and even though we have built in a small cushion. I would like to increase our payments and reach a full 1% above our regular payments as soon as possible.

Why I monitor our Net Worth?

I monitor our net worth for two reasons:

1, to ensure the plan we are following of paying, saving and investing is working and

2, when out and about it stops me from making unnecessary purchases. When I pick something up in a store I am thinking of buying the voice in my head says this wont help towards your net worth often that thought is enough to stop me making the purchase.

We will continue to monitor our net worth throughout the year.

Your Net Worth:

Interested in your own net worth simply take a two sheets of paper:

On the first one write the value of everything you own e.g. house, car, investments, savings, pension value etc.

On the second sheet write down everything you owe so that could be your mortgage, loans, credit cards etc. Then deduct your liabilities (what you owe) from your assets (what you own) that figure is your net worth:

For example: Couple A have a house worth £250K, Pension of £50K, Car valued at £5K and savings of £10K giving them total assets of £315K

They owe Mortgage £200K, Car Loan £3K and have credit card debts of £12K giving them total liabilities of £215K

Assets – Liabilities £315K – £215K gives them a net worth of £100k



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Book Club: The 12 Week Year

The 12 Week Year

By Brian P Moran

Goals, 12 Week Year, Planning, Target Setting, Activity

Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others Do

In 12 Months

The 12 Week Year book is described as a how-to book for both individuals and companies that would like to accomplish more in the next 12 weeks than others will in the next 12 months.

It works by getting you to focus on the next twelve weeks targets and not the next year. If you focus on yearly targets without breaking them down into smaller targets like 12 weeks you will always think you have next month to catch up and next month and suddenly you are at the end of the year and not reached any target.

Think about when you are due to go on holiday from work how much do you accomplish in the week before if you were to harness that energy week in week out how quickly would you reach your goals.

Having tried the 12-week method I can say that it does help to keep focused and at the end of the 12 weeks you can have a week off and celebrate the small or big success you have had. It also gives you time to plan the next 12 weeks.

Using the Plan for the Home

I have used this method as a way of increasing activity in my online business but this method can also be used in the home or personal life. I am planning to sit and make a 12-week plan for my home one that sets out a plan for each room and what I would like to achieve before Christmas is upon us. Hopefully it will stop the big December 23rd Clean-up when guests are coming on the 24th.


Have you read this book?

What were your thoughts please leave comments below.


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