Tracking The Market: February 2018

Tracking the Market

February 2018

Shares, Bitcoin, Gold, Silver

Each month I will be tracking the market on Gold/Silver Prices

Bitcoin and 5 Shares.

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How to make £5 a week

How to make £5 a week

from 4 sites

£5 a week, Branded Surveys, Btcclicks, Swagbucks, Neobux


As part of being a member of my Earn From Home Facebook Group I am introducing a new sites to join and add to their DMO (Daily Method of Operation).

This post will tell you how to use the four sites added so far:

Branded Surveys, Swagbucks, Neobux and Btcclicks to make a minimum £5 per week.

Don’t forget this is not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme” it is about building sites into a DMO (Daily Method of Operation) that you can follow everyday. Doing this will build up your income slowly but it will be solid.

When you are regularly making your weekly amount, starting with £5, which will increase as you put further sites into your DMO. You can then use, that money to upgrade a site, buy referrals or to invest.

So using the sites in your DMO:

Branded Surveys

This is one of my favourite survey sites with lots of surveys available. To make £2.10 per week we will need to make 300 Branded Survey Points. (1000 Branded survey points worth about £7 if transferred to paypal) 315 points = £2.20


If you are looking to receive money and not Amazon vouchers then you need 800 SB to convert to £5 paypal. So for £2 a week we would need to make 320SB a week. 320 SB = £2


This is a click site so you earn from clicking adverts this makes me at the moment about $1 a week without renting any referrals, completing any other tasks or upgrading $1 = £0.71


You will at the moment only be making a little each day and the number of adverts at the moment seems lower than usual. In order to increase earnings your first task is to earn enough to upgrade the account. My earnings per week are currently $0.14 = £0.10

So with just four sites it is possible to make your £5 a week now imagine if we add other sites and start advertising for referrals this is how the income grows from £5 to £10 a week and beyond.

I am currently making a minimum £20 a week between my click, casual and survey sites.

So follow the steps and your income will grow.

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7 Minimalist/Living a Simpler Life

Here are 7 Minimalist/Living a Simpler life things to do in 2018:


If you have kept your 2017 Christmas Cards cut and make them into your own cards for 2018 or use as tags for presents. Do the same with any Birthday/Anniversary cards you get during 2018. If you keep the front with the picture you can use them as Notepaper. This was part of my Christmas Card Recycling Post

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