2018: A Year of Online Earning


A Year of Online Earning

Click/Casual/Survey Sites

A Year of Online Earning

Follow my 2018 Online Earning Journey

I started to look at alternative ways to earn money after I became unable to work outside the home due ill health. In 2017 I have been introduced by Ellie of Trulyquirkyme blog to many online opportunities including Click & Casual Earning Sites. I was already a member of quite a few survey sites. These Online opportunities are giving me an income of around £25 per week. Target for 2018 is to double this.

This is only part of my income I have other Income streams as part of my Personal Earning Plan. I am interested in any sites that offer rewards for Paypal, Amazon or gift vouchers as I am going to be using these as part of my Present Neutral in 2018.

These are the sites that I work with as at 01/01/2018

Click Sites:





Scarlet Clicks

Casual Earn Sites:




Inbox Pounds


Reward Shopping


Other Sites:

Easy Hits 4 u (traffic)

Traffic Ad Bar

Survey Sites: For full list see this page

Branded Surveys (mintvine)



Liquid Opinions

Power of Opinions

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January 2018

Time to take a good look at the sites I am working with and decide which are the main sites where I can increase my income without increasing my workload too much.


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