My 2nd Project 333

My 2nd Project 333

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What is Project 333?

Project 333 is the minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months. It is the brainchild of Courtney Carver of blog

The 33 items does not include underwear, uniforms or sports wear.

Your other items of clothing are packed away for use in the next 3 months or you may decide that they are surplus to requirement.

My first attempt at Project 333 was through the summer months July/Aug/Sept. Read more about my first Project here. I managed really well with my 333 items so decided to continue and at the end of September I put together my second Project 333 wardrobe for Oct/Nov/Dec.

The Dress with Less Micro Course I purchased from Courtney Carver starts by asking:

Day One:

“What are your 3 Favourite outfits?”

From your 3 favourite outfits what is it that you like, the colour? Fit? This will help you when it comes to replacing items in your wardrobe. Find out what you really like and more importantly what makes you feel good.

The course then tells you to look at your lifestyle and what clothes you actually need.

So with this in mind here is my second 33-item list:

1, Black Cardigan
2, Navy Cardigan
3, Red Short Cardigan
4, Navy Coatigan
5, Faux Beige Leather Jacket
6, Short Black Jacket
7, Blue & White Jacket
8, Red Coat (Purchased Nov)
9, Black Trousers
10, Black Jeggings
11, Black Skinny Jeggings
12, Navy Wide Leg Jeggings
14, Denim Jeggings (Purchased Nov)
15, Black Floral High Neck Top
16, Black Flowered Long Sleeve Top
17, Blue Paisley Long Sleeved Top
18, Purple Shiny Top No Sleeves
19, Black & White Top
20, Blue Shiny Top
21, Chequered ¾ Sleeve Top
22, Purple Cap Sleeves Top
23, Black Lace Top
24, Black/Orange Sleeveless Top
25, Blue ¾ sleeve top (Purchased Nov)
26, Red ¾ sleeve shirt top (Purchased Nov)
27, Diamond Earrings
28, Brown Tall Boots
29, Black Tall Boots
30, Black Ankle Boots
31, Black Court Shoes
32, Multicoloured Barrel Bag
33, Red Bag


13, Black Smart Trousers XMAS

Not including: Costume Jewellery, Gloves and Scarves

There were some gaps in my wardrobe that during November I have purchased. It did make for a much simpler shopping trip, as I knew exactly what items I needed to purchase. I am only one item short which is a good tailored pair of trousers to wear at Christmas with my blue sparkly top.

This project saves money you don’t buy things you don’t need and time, as you know exactly what you are shopping for.

So the question is:
Would you be willing to try this for 3 months?

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