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Our Story

I started this Blog as a way of getting my thoughts and plans together for our future, since I started the blog my husband is much more on the same page and so we can take the journey together.

But why:

well I was finally diagnosed, after two years of being very ill but not knowing why, in November 2014, with Adrenal Insufficiency (my Adrenal Glands have gone to sleep) and without these you don’t produce Cortisol, Cortisol is your get up and go, your response to stress and injuries.

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I now  take Steroid Medication, three times a day for the rest of my life, which on its own may not be to bad but I was already a chronic Asthmatic and the combination of the two illnesses is not good.

It took a good year of being put on the steroid medication for my body to recover to some sort of normal life, although my lifestyle and my capabilites are still very restricted. Like with most of these illness you have good and bad days, I have had to learn patience and to ask for help neither of which were or are my strong points.

Whilst I was ill I spent a lot of time in bed, and when not sleeping, I started to reread Books including Rich Dad, Poor Dad, The Automatic Millionaire and my interest in finance grew as I realised it wasn’t too late, I wasn’t too old, there was still time to change things around.

Our Finances:

These had took a back seat during my illness and are not pretty, both in the short and long term.  I have no pension and may under the new Flat State Pension Rate lose out even more. My husband has a small pension. So we needed a plan.

Firstly, we needed to do more with the income we have before trying to make any extra,. We tightened our belts, cut down on unnecessay spending in the short term, to make investments and savings for the long term. If we become millionaires on the way then thats ok to.

So follow our Journey as we try to turn our financial life around.

The 218 Months refers to how many months from Jan 2016 I have until my official state pension age, (unless the government change it again).