Book Club: The Naked Trader

The Naked Trader

By Robbie Burns


Shares, Stocks, Trading, Spread, Dividends, Profit, Loss,


Looking to trade in Shares?

Scared by all the words and acronyms could be the book for you. This is Stock Market investing for the regular person, written in plain English and with real life examples.

Robbie shows you how to trade from home without sitting in front of the computer all day, how to avoid losing your shirt and making you a tax free income.

New To Trading?

This book is perfect for those who are completely new to trading but is still useful to those with some experience.

Written in a fun manner you will find lots of help and advice but no stuffed shirt legal or gobbledygook jargon.

Buying at the Right Price

Robbie looks at how to buy and how to work out a good price to look for dividends being paid etc. He also goes through when to sell both when your shares are doing well and also when they have lost ground.

According to the Naked Trader you need a trading account plus access to live prices, the why and where to go are all explained in the book. Robbie covers the spread, trading costs, London Trading House, Dividends and different types of shares.


The style of writing in this book means it won’t be for everyone. However, if you were considering entering the share market then I would recommend this book as a good starting point in educating yourself.

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