Store Discount Cards

Store Points/Discount Cards/Clubs.

Which one’s do you have? and are they value for money I carry in my purse Boots, Nectar, Tesco, Morrisons and Costa (my special treat place)

Due to spending at Boots Christmas events in October and November (will discuss them as part of my saving for Christmas post at a later date.) I have at the moment the 4508 points meaning I have £45.08 to spend usually I treat myself to new make-up at Christmas but as I was ill I haven’t used them, I will now use them either to buy gifts for others or in the summer new nail polish/make-up etc.

Boots also run an over 60’s Club where they give 10 points instead of the usual four per £1 on all boots branded products including No’7 another advantage of this is they give 25% off glasses.

The other club for the over 60’s is B & Q Diamond Club where you get 10% off all purchases on a Wednesday and other special discounts.

Nectar at Sainsbury’s I usually only get to about £10 per year and usually use that for extras at Christmas.

Tesco, I use even less although we do fill the car there sometimes I usually get around £10 again in vouchers throughhout the year.

Morrisons, have had quite a few vouchers and used their special promotion at Christmas where you got extra points they mounted up and bought  the Christmas extras.

Costa Coffee, points on purchases can lead to free food and drink, I currently have enough for two drinks and one sandwich another visit and I will have enough points for lunch for two (Hubbie and Me I think when we need a change of scenery).

For me used wisely they can help, but it doen’t pay to be loyal to one firm and with Aldi and lIdl cutting prices it can be better to shop there or other cut price shops than spend extra and receive points.

Any comments on this subject would be welcomed and any ideas on what you would like to see in future posts would also be welcomed.

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