Income Report – August 2017

Income  Report- August 2017

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Income Report- August 2017

This is our fifth income report following our Personal Earning Plan (PEP). Our PEP breaks down all the different income streams we are currently working on into small and achievable daily/weekly targets. This helps to keep us motivated and on track.

It is a work in progress, until we find the right balance of income streams.

So how much did we make in August?

Total £326.78


Bank/Building Society Interest £0

Barclays Rewards £14.00

Bitcoin £10.18

Cash back £31.09

Coin £0.00

Click Sites £18.64

Casino/Bingo £162.00

Casual Earn Sites £37.40

Dividends £5.52

Personal Sales £7.05

Solar £0.00

Shopping Cash back Sites £1.15

Surveys £39.75

Vouchers £0.00

Matched Betting £481.24

In More Detail:

Click Sites £18.64

Part of our Personal Earning Plan read all about these sites and how you can make money from them

Casual Earn Sites £37.40

These are all sites where for completing tasks, surveys or playing games you can earn cash or vouchers go here to read more.

Surveys £39.75

This is quite a large amount as we looked at all our survey sites and found many of them had small amounts that we had already made. We are both working on these sites until we earn a payout. Find out which survey sites we use here.

I have now separated Matched Betting as I am looking to use this for our treats etc and it requires my input. My aim is to build my Personal Earning Plan into income streams where I am not required to put in loads of activity in case of periods of ill health

Matched Betting £481.24

Managed to get a couple of good wins where I had bet early and with the bookies Best Odds Guaranteed found myself making more than expected.


Our total for this month is good but didn’t quite meet my PEP target of £350 for August.   Septembers target not including Matched Betting is £400. This month the focus is on increasing our online sales with our current business Mayfield Antiques and also start a separate reselling business.

Net Worth

In order to stay motivated and on-track we monitor our net worth where we use our 3 Point Plan Pay, Save and Invest. To see how and why we do this take a look at our report from August 2017.

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