No’s 6-10 From our 10 Step Investment Plan

No’s 6-10 From our 10 Step Investment Plan

6, Cash/Premium Bonds

Included as we both have Premium Bonds given to us from a young age, neither of which have won and we were considering buying more. Although they don’t provide interest, as interest rates are very low at the moment this doesn’t really matter and unlike other lotteries you can get your money back by having them repaid at face value. So

there is the opportunity to win and you can get your money back. Yes, the money could be invested in higher interest rate projects but sometimes its fun to have a dream that you could win the big prize.

7, Commodities:



We first started to become interested in Gold about 18 months ago when Gold had started to  come down in price.

After 18 months of not having the energy or inclination due to illness to sort paperwork or any cupboards it was time to get tidying and as part of that I found a broken ring and a couple of Gold necklaces. We didn’t want to send the gold away, having heard so many stories of them turning around and saying your necklace etc is not worth anything but a jeweller nearby bought Gold so we sold them in there and received the going rate.

That got us thinking about Gold as an investment. So I started to research how and where to buy Gold and Silver by reading books and online.

Books that you may find useful to read before considering purchasing Gold or Silver are:

Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver By Michael Maloney


Screw the BS: How to invest in Gold & Silver by Toy Chou


Get the Skinny on Silver Investing By David Morgan


silver Bar


Our interest in Silver was after reading the above books and realising that there may be just as good investment possibilites with Silver as with Gold. I never know that there were so many uses for Silver and that there are no Silver mines it is a byproduct of mining for other metals. For about three months I tracked the rates of both metals and bought a small amount of each as a way to test the marketplace and to test the companies we were dealing with.

With prices of both Gold & Silver starting to rise those little investments are doing ok. Our youngest daughter got interested in what what we were doing and so we bought her a Silver Britannia Coin for Christmas and that is now increasing in value.

Companies used:

The Gold Bullion Co 

Code 35BD7 or:

For a link to earn £10 when placing an order of £250+ message  us your email address and we will forward a code to you.

Our Experience: Easy to use website, no problems paying online and quick delivery. Items are delivered in pakages with no indication of contents.

Ats Bullion

Our Experience:

Simple to use website, no payment issues and quick delivery or they can store your Gold/Silver for a fee.


No personal expereince buying with this company but they have been trading since 2005. They are also owned by the same company as whisky invest direct  Interested in whisky investing see:

Gold Legacy 

New to the market: join as a Customer and buy gold from 1g or join as an Affiliate and not only can you buy gold at lower prices but will also be paid a commission on customers sales who you introduce.

To read about the start of our journey with Legacy Gold go here.

If anyone has any experience they would like to add to this piece please comment.

8, Antiques

I became interested in antiques through my love of all things pottery. For the last three years we have run an online store through ebay selling antique items. Through this business I have bought some items that are now displayed in our home. My areas of interest are Poole Pottery especially with living glaze, Sylvac rabbits, and Duchess Pottery.

9, Whisky

I had never thought that you could invest in whisky, I had heard about investing in wine but had also read some bad reviews and investing a lot of money into one bottle of wine when I didn’t know that much about it was not an option.

Roll on about five years later and suddenly Moneywise Magazine (April 2016) and lots of others are talking about the alternative investment market and one of those talked about products is whisky.

So I went on to find more information and found a company called whisky invest direct  if you go to their website they have a free 30+ page report outlining the investment case for maturing scotch.

So if you want to become an investor in whisky what do you do:

Open an account. normal details you will then need to validate your account (money laundering) by uploading photographs of passport, bank statement and a bill showing  your current address (these have to be less than three months old).

After that you can then deposit money and look to make your first buy. You are given a LPA  of whisky and £2 cash to allow you to have a trial run before depositing any of your own money.

There are fees to be taken into consideration storgage and purchasing so please read all the information on the website and in the report before making any decisions.

Facts I did learn from the report: The definition of Scotch (as recognised under European Law)

1, Distillation must occur in Scotland

2, Only Scotish Water can be added to the distillate prior to maturation and prior to bottling.

3, Barrels must remain in Scotland during maturation.


What is the only additive permitteed to be used?

Answer: Caramel used primarily for colouring

10,  Lego

When you think of Lego do you think Child’s Toy or do your think Investment Opportunity?

Lego is popular with all ages from the very young to the old as a form of entertainment and there seems to be nothing that cannot be built out of Lego, but an investment opportunity, that I was not so sure about.

So where to begin;

Start with what I know which is Lego Friends (daughter had lots of these sets a few years ago) I started by checking all the major toy sellers, particularly looking at offers and price reductions, I found a few sets were currently reduced so hopefully there would be a profit.

Then I found the website Brickpicker here is everything you need to know about investing in Lego. It is free to register and once registered you can find all the latest What it’s Worth prices. With Lego a lot of the increase in price is for New and Unopened sets that have been retired. Most of the sets of value are also sets made after the year 2000, as the quality was quite poor before this.

So having checked out the buying price, I looked at the price guide for its what it’s worth price and whilst there is a difference not enough at the moment to make a decent profit but if you decide to look at this investment opportunity then sometimes you are going to have to keep the Lego sets for a number of years until they are retired from the marketplace.

Having looked at the range of Lego it is difficult to know where to get started. Popular with investors is Lego attached to movies like Star Wars these are often sold for a few years and then retired.

I still need more information and the creators of Brickpicker have produced a book:

The Ultimate Guide to Collectable Lego(R): The Best Sets to Buy and Sell

This book is ideal for the beginner Lego Collector it has many information on the different lego collections available with prices at the time of publication.

You may have some minifigures sat in the cupboards, what are they worth?

Available to pre-order this book has a publication release date of November 2016

The Collectable Lego Minifigure: the Ultimate Guide to Collectable Minifigures

In the meantime, not one for sitting around, I continued to investigate Lego sets on offer and found one of the City Sets reduced at Argos and on checking the Price Guide found it was worth £12 more than I was paying so this may be my first purchase. Then it is where and how to store. According to Brickpicker the sets should be stored vertical and not horizontal. They should be stored somewhere clean and dry to keep them pristine and therefore worth the top price.

Second Hand Sets

If you have any sets lurking in the cupboards there is also a market for selling second hand Lego pieces. Often people split these into bags sold by weight or 10 x yellow bricks etc

How much is sitting in your cupboards?