No’s 1-5 From our 10 Step Investment Plan

No’s 1-5 From our 10 Step Investment Plan


We have held a few shares for a number of years and will look to buy more when possible.

On of our shareholders M&S issue Shareholder Rewards every January, which is usually a % off clothing/home and a free hot drink in the café. Other companies offer Shareholder rewards but that should not be a reason to buy the share, just an extra perk.

Our investments are currently held in a Halifax Shareholder account but there are many other companies offering this service just remember to check all fees. One other company that we have looked at that we would be happy to use ourselves is The Share Centre.

2, Property

We were not in a financial position to buy a buy-to-let property, limited capital for deposits, so we had to look at alternative ways to invest in this area. We then read about Crowd Funding for property we have since invested with Property Moose. Find out more here.

From property we are hoping to gain Capital Growth and in the meantime passive income from the rents payable, which we will re-invest

3, Peer-to-Peer

Zopa was the first peer-to peer lender we were involved with and have continued to do so. We are also involved with lending through Ratesetter. Both of these companies have structures in place to help with any defaults and so far, since these have been introduced, no one has lost money to defaults.

Again you receive a monthly return (capital & interest) that you can automatically reinvest, therefore increasing your holdings.

4, Crowdfunding (Business)

This is a great way to get involved with many types of businesses. Although we tend to stick to companies that we feel we know something about like food and drink. We have invested in many different companies since July 2015.

Again there are many companies out there we have invested through Crowdcube and are very happy with the service we have received.

5, Solar Projects (Abundance)

In the last couple of years we have begun to look at alternative energy. In September last year we invested in Solar Panels for our home from which we will receive a quarterly return for 20 years. The panels will pay for themselves in about 8 years thus giving us 12 years additional income.

This year when our fourth quarter payment is made we will have received around £275, this is on top of the savings we have made on Electricity. On looking at our year on year usage through the summer we have halved the energy we have to pay for.

If you are not in a position to add solar panels to your home there is an alternative way you can invest through a company called Abundance. Abundance is a company that offer you the chance to invest in projects with good returns that are offer social and environmental benefits.

We have invested in one project so far and have just received our first quarterly cash return. There is also the option to sell your investments via the bulletin board.