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When you think of Lego do you think Child’s Toy or do your think Investment Opportunity?

Lego is popular with all ages from the very young to the old as a form of entertainment and there seems to be nothing that cannot be built out of Lego, but an investment opportunity, that I was not so sure about.

So where to begin;

Start with what I know which is Lego Friends (daughter had lots of these sets a few years ago)  I started by checking all the major toy sellers, particularly looking at offers and price reductions, I found a few sets were currently reduced so hopefully there would be a profit.

Then I found the website Brickpicker here is everything you need to know about investing in Lego. It is free to register and once registered you can find all the latest What it’s Worth prices. With Lego a lot of the increase in price is for New and Unopened sets that have been retired. Most of the sets of value are also sets made after the year 2000 as the quality was quite poor before this.

So having checked out the buying price, I looked at the price guide for its what it’s worth price and whilst there is a difference not enough at the moment to make a decent profit but if you decide to look at this investment opportunity then sometimes you are going to have to keep the Lego sets for a number of years until they are retired from the marketplace.

Having looked at the range of Lego it is difficult to know where to get started. Popular with investors is Lego attached to movies like Star Wars these are often sold for a few years and then retired.

Lego Sets: 

I still need more information and the creators of Brickpicker have produced a book:

The Ultimate Guide to Collectable Lego(R): The Best Sets to Buy and Sell

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I have found this book to be a valuable source of information in what I should be looking for investing in Lego. Well laid our and covers most of the top themes includinh City, Friends and Harry Potter.


You may have some minifigures sat in the cupboards, what are they worth? Available to pre-order this book has a publication release date of November 2016

The Collectable Lego Minifigure: the Ultimate Guide to Collectable Minifigures

Lego minifigures

If you are interested in buying Lego as an investment check the cheapest price available for the set you are interested join Brickpicker and check our their Price Guide first.

You also need to consider where and how you store these items according to Brickpicker the sets should be stored vertical and not horizontal. They should be stored somewhere clean and dry to keep them pristine and therefore worth the top price.

Second Hand Sets

If you have any sets lurking in the cupboards there is also a market for selling second hand Lego pieces. Often people split these into bags sold by weight or 10 x yellow bricks etc

Zapper will buy Lego pieces by weight starting at 0.5kg

Music Magpie will buy a bag of Lego pieces again starting from 0.5kg

How much is sitting in your cupboards?

Update: August 2017

The first couple of sets I purchased I sold as I realised I did not have the space at the time  to store them properly. However, I am still interested in buying and selling Lego so this month I have looked again and found two sets I was interested in. Both sets are in the theme Lego City.

60148 ATV Race Team & 60150 Pizza Van

What really helped was I had entered a competition earlier in the year to win Lego and although I was not successful they did send me a £5 voucher off a £20 spend on Lego.

I also used Quidco to buy these products at Argos. Quidco were also running a Bank Holiday special where at certain retailers for spending £10 plus VAT you received a further £2.50 credit.

So my two sets costing £13.99 & £11.99 total £ 25.98 was reduced to £18.07 after all the discounts, current value on Brickpicker is £27.07.

I have the option of keeping them in which case I will monitor the value or resell them at some point.

Please leave any comments about your experience buying or selling Lego below.

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