Why I love Branded Surveys (Mintvine)

Why I love Mintvine (now Branded Surveys) and you should to.

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Mintvine (now Branded Surveys) is one of my favourite survey sites they have some quick and easy surveys. You also have the chance to make 5 points every day simply by answering the daily poll (changes at 2pm GMT) plus 25 extra points for a poll streak (answering 10 daily polls in a row).

If you refer someone to Branded Surveys then you will receive a % of the points they accumulate making your journey to 1000 (min payout threshold) quicker.

When you reach 1000 points you have the option to have your reward as money sent to your paypal, please note the 1000 (£10.00) are converted from US dollars to sterling, or you can have your reward converted to an Amazon gift card. Last time my husband converted 1000points he received £7.10 onto his Amazon account.

The Branded Surveys dashboard is very easy to understand and gives you the status of your account and any surveys that are available. I like to use Bonus Surveys, as theses surveys are usually around 10 minutes long and worth 55 points.

My Daily Target

On my Personal Earning Plan I have a target of £1.50 per week from this site, which is around 30 points per day, depending on which method of payment you choose.

To achieve 210 points a week I answer the daily poll everyday, plus a 55 point survey every other day this gives me an average 225 points a week.

Multiply 225 points by 52 weeks = 11700 points giving me a minimum 11 payouts each year. This will make me around £100 per year.

Imagine if you refer 5 people doing the same and with the % referral points you would get, the payouts could easily be doubled or tripled.

For a 55-point survey I usually get around 5 points credited to my account as a referral bonus.

Getting Started

So want to get started on Branded Surveys and start your own Personal Earning plan? Then join here.

Branded Surveys is just one of a number of Click/Casual/Survey sites, see the full list here, that I use as part of my Personal Earning Plan.

If you have any comments on Branded Surveys please leave below.



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