How to Make £10 Per Week

How to Make £10 Per Week

Making Money

No money is needed to start your journey of earning extra income.

Start by including one site into your daily routine, and then when you understand how to earn from this first site add in another then another. This way it becomes part of your routine and you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Using these sites you can aim for £10 per week split:

PTC £3

Casual Earning Sites £4

Surveys £3

PTC (Pay-To-Click):

These are sites where you get paid small amount for clicking and viewing adverts. You can also earn a little by referring people to these sites.

Neobux: Click Adverts

Buxvertise: Click Adverts

Scarlet Clicks: Click Adverts

First site I would recommend starting with is Neobux on here just click the adverts available.

Casual Earning Sites:

I use a few of these sites to bring in small amounts of money.

Swagbucks: Daily Check List

Mobile Expressions: App download on Phone 1 credit for each week, 20 credits = £20 Amazon voucher

Futurenet: Click adverts min 10 per day & buy ad packs

Gifthulk: Check-in, surveys, Guess the Card game, web searches and Fountain of Youth Codes


Again I use a few of these sites as you never know what value surveys will be available:

Mintvine: Daily Poll and Surveys

One Poll: Surveys

Citizenme: Phone App, small Surveys paid straight to Paypal Account.

Panel Opinions: Mini Poll & Surveys

Start with small but consistent steps and develop your own DMO (Daily Method of Operation) and Personal Earning Plan see more information here about these.

Once you have developed the £10 per week income consistently then you can build in other income streams i.e. matched betting, reseller business on ebay and shopping cashback sites.


You then need to look at reinvesting some of what you make and putting a minimum 10% into investments such as property, shares or peer-to-peer lending from which you will receive dividends or interest. This is then building your passive income stream.

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