Direct Selling

Direct Selling

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There are so many Direct Selling Businesses out there.

So how do you choose the one that is right for you?

What you need to look for and think about before signing up.

Why Direct Selling?

Usually they have an easy low cost entry.

The Good Direct Selling companies have education Programmes.

It is your business but you are not on your own, you will have a sponsor who is there to guide you through getting started.

Accounting is usually performed by  head office.

There are proven systems in place for you to copy in retailing and sponsoring.

A-Z of Direct Selling Companies.

Those marked with a * are Direct Selling Companies I have had Personal Contact with, either by being a buyer or seller.


Body Shop at Home*


Flamingo Paperie* ( Phoenix Trading)


Legacy Gold*


Park Lane Jewellery*

Usborne Books*

Utility Warehouse

If there is no direct link but you are interested in an opportunity please email me at as I may have a contact in that business.

Are They a Member of the DSA?

One of the first things to check if you are considering a Direct Selling business is that  they are a member of the DSA. (Direct Selling Association) if they are then they will have to abide by the DSA Code. For more details go to the website: