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Making Money from Your Receipts/Shopping

Shopping Cashback


Your shopping receipts can make you money and here’s how:

ClickSnap: by Quidco

Download the app and receive cashback on featured products from major supermarkets. You need to have a Quidco account to access these offers. Buy the featured products, then upload a copy of your receipt, your rewards will be made to your Quidco account.


Download the app and gain access to offers on your favourite brands across a wide range of retailers. Buy the featured products upload a picture of your receipt, your receipt will then be processed and an email sent confiming your reward. Transfer your rewards into Paypal or your Bank Account.

Please note that ClickSnap and Checkoutsmart are operated by the same company, it is fine to have an account with each but only upload a receipt to one of them not both.


Download the app and use referral code: KHEGUYFJ you will then be able to get a FREE Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate Bar. Plus get access to all the latest cashback offers. You may then refer friends and obtain £3 referral credits for each friend.


Join here and receive cashback on certain products in any of these stores: Asda, Co-op, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco & Waitrose.

Offers vary in each of the stores and some offers are for only a short time period, so check before you shop.

You can receive your rewards via Paypal or direct to your Bank Account.

Receipt Hog:

Download the app and earn coins from your shopping receipts at your normal stores grocers, supermarkets, corner shops, etc. The value of your receipt determines how many coins you earn:

Less than £10 5 Coins,

£10- £50 10 Coins,

£50-£100 15 coins  &

More than £100 20 coins

Save your coins until you reach one of these levels, then redeem your coins for cash by Paypal or Amazon vouchers.

1500 coins = £5

2850 Coins = £10

5300 Coins = £20

12000 Coins = £50


Download the APP and earn tokens on your shopping.

Shopping Online then use these Cashback sites:


Earn cashback on your online purchases  at most major retailers plus get paid for using comparison websites for any genuine Car/Home Policy. Transfer your rewards to your Bank Account, Paypal or receive Amazon Vouchers.


Earn cashback on your online purchases at high street retailers, your rewards can be transferred to your Bank Account. Paypal or paid our in vouchers from a number of retailers.

Enjoy shopping!