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Whilst you may not become a millionaire vis survey sites they can build into extra income. Many of the sites offer payments into paypal, Amazon vouchers or Gift vouchers that can be used in multiple shops. We save ours until Christmas (if we can) and they allow us to have extra treats paid for.

So which sites do we recommend, listed below are all sites we are members of and use. Some have links to the site which mean we may get extra points for you signing through our link. After you become a member then you are free to refer others and this can lead to more money/points.



Simple to use website and low payout threshold of £4 again paypal or Amazon.


Simple website does have a higher payout of £25 but are usually eay surveys if sometimes a little long.


Simple to use website with daily surveys, point system for rewards. Rewards include Paypal, Amazon and other gift vouchers.

No referral link but if you email your first name and email address we can send you the link



Join here

Simple website and email notifications of new surveys. Payout is at £10 (1000 points)


Shop and earn with Qmee and also by completing surveys learn more here.

No minimum withdrawal amount and money can be paid into your paypal account or by way of giftcard.


Will be updating with other sites so please come back.