Why having Multiple Income Streams is so important.

Why having Multiple Income Streams is so important.

Multiple Income Streams,

Multiple Income Streams:

Having a number of income streams is so important if you want to change your life. Relying on one income stream i.e. employment, will not protect your lifestyle or your home if you are made redundant or as in my case become too ill to work outside the home.

Having multiple income streams and especially if some are passive income means that if you are made redundant or become ill then you will not lose all your income.

Or maybe your goal is to leave your paid employment and work from home.

Starting January 2018 my Earn from Home Group will go live. In this group I aim to introduce the moneymaking and income streams that I am using to build an online income.

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To get you started:

Survey Site:

One of the best survey sites I use is: Mintvine now renamed as Branded Surveys:

Take part in their daily poll for 5 points and take a short survey 10 minutes, for which you receive 55 points. Doing this everyday soon builds in to a healthy points total. You can cash out at 1000 Points, payable to your paypal account or as an Amazon gift card.


PTC (Pay-To-Click Site):

Scarlet Clicks

View adverts, play the grid and refer members

Casual Earn Site:


Lots of different activities on this site: surveys, daily poll, searching the Internet, watching videos there is a daily checklist that you can follow. There is also the opportunity to gain extra swagbucks via swagcodes given out on the UK facebook page.


I have just been introduced to a new online opportunity. How would you like to start your own blog or online shop and have a way to cover the costs of this for FREE,

I am working with an amazing team who are helping each other to achieve. If you would like more information please email your name and preferred email address to me at: 218monthstogo@gmail.com


Those sites that I cannot withdraw cash from I have my earnings converted to Amazon vouchers and use these for Birthdays and Christmas presents. There is always a book, CD or DVD that some member of the family wants.

I didn’t have an option I had to leave employment for medical reasons, as I can no longer work outside the home. So building an income from home is really important for me. I now have a number of income streams, which are bringing in a minimum £200 per month.

Matched Betting:

This is another income stream I have used and will continue to do so. Although this can be a good source of income I do not want to rely on this, as it does need my daily input. I would prefer to build passive income where I do not need to be as involved.

Future Plans:

I am looking to increase this month on month both by referrals in my online programmes and increasing my passive income by further investment. I am always looking at ways to develop other income streams. My latest venture is to start a re-seller business on ebay with items from charity shops/auctions etc.

What income streams are you currently using?

Is there other income streams to those mentioned here that you are using successfully?

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