My Love of Collectables

My Love of Collectables

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As you may know already from reading previous blog posts one of the online incomes I have is from my Antiques & Collectable ebay store Mayfield Antiques.

I have always loved pottery in particular Poole Pottery of which I have a small selection of Volcano and Odyssey.

Sylvac Pottery:

I also have a small collection of Sylvac models Dogs & Bunnies. I was inspired to start collection Sylvac bunnies by the magazine Homes & Antiques. My husband bought me my first copy, Easter 2015, as something to look at, when I was ill in bed. In this issue was an article about a collector who had a huge Sylvac collection and I fell in love with both the magazine and the bunnies.

I bought my first Sylvac lop-eared bunny and now I keep looking every so often for reasonably priced bunnies to expand my collection.

As well as being able to display the items and enjoy them I am hoping that prices will rise on Poole and Sylvac. As I may look to sell in a few years when I have to downsize.

Poole Pottery, Sylvac,

Poole Pottery:

Poole Pottery did lose its value at auctions but seems to have regained some of the loss. One plate that I bought in the 1980’s is now worth triple the price paid.

Poole Pottery does exist even though it has been in administration it is now manufactured at the historic Middleport Pottery as part of the Burgess and Leigh Ltd group of Brands. They have bought in some new ranges still using the living glaze as well as some of the old favourites.

Living glaze involves the application of different glazes, which react with one another to achieve the unique results seen on each piece.

It seemed for a while that every time I received my magazine one of their features was on one of the items I collect.

I also sought out Black/White miniatures, which look stunning with their gold frames hung on my Raspberry colour bedroom wall. These were shown in another issue of Homes and Antiques. I managed to source 6 miniatures from ebay at very reasonable costs. Some of the miniatures are the world of Peter Bates Ltd, which were very popular at one time.

I will continue to look for pieces to add to both my Poole Pottery Collection and Sylvac.

Online Stores:

To take a look at the China and Pottery I sell online please see Mayfield Antiques on ebay and Mayfield on etsy.

Do you collect anything? If so please comment below.



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