Net Worth: 1st September 2017

New Worth 1st September 2017

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Our 3 Point Plan is to Pay, Save & Invest

So where are we 1st September 2017:

Our net worth monthly tracker sheet allows us to see on the 1st of each month how we are doing:

1st August 2017: Our Assets minus Liabilities were £15694

At the 1st September 2017: Our assets minus liabilities now stand at £16273

An increase this month of + £579

The increase is due to a combination of paying down, saving more and some small investments. Small but regular payments towards our debt and investing seems to be working. Now we just have to continue building our online/passive income to continue this path.

I am using my Personal Earning Plan to build income for further investments. I am starting to produce a small weekly income from the Click/Casual/Survey Sites. For the Months of September, October, November and December I have set a daily target of making £20 per day.

With talk of the mortgage rate increasing at some point during the year and even though we have built in a small cushion. I would like to increase our payments and reach a full 1% above our regular payments as soon as possible.

Why I monitor our Net Worth?

I monitor our net worth for two reasons:

1, to ensure the plan we are following of paying, saving and investing is working and

2, when out and about it stops me from making unnecessary purchases. When I pick something up in a store I am thinking of buying the voice in my head says this wont help towards your net worth often that thought is enough to stop me making the purchase.

We will continue to monitor our net worth throughout the year.

Your Net Worth:

Interested in your own net worth simply take a two sheets of paper:

On the first one write the value of everything you own e.g. house, car, investments, savings, pension value etc.

On the second sheet write down everything you owe so that could be your mortgage, loans, credit cards etc. Then deduct your liabilities (what you owe) from your assets (what you own) that figure is your net worth:

For example: Couple A have a house worth £250K, Pension of £50K, Car valued at £5K and savings of £10K giving them total assets of £315K

They owe Mortgage £200K, Car Loan £3K and have credit card debts of £12K giving them total liabilities of £215K

Assets – Liabilities £315K – £215K gives them a net worth of £100k



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