New Term, New Start

Autumn is Coming

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New School Year:

As my youngest daughter returns to school for her last year and in three weeks my eldest daughter will be returning to university for the her last year. It is time to reflect and plan for the time of year that I love.

It seems like everyone can have a new start so my plans for the next few months until Christmas are:


Follow the No Spend Month Challenge arranged by Nicola of The Frugal Cottage Blog.


Commit to 2 hours per week to the Emma Drew Blog Course, which I am currently working my way through. I have already implemented some changes but have lots more to do to make this blog what I want it to be.


Look and write my Christmas List so I can plan spending. I have saved with Park for vouchers all year and I have amounts to spend on my Co-op card, Sainsbury and Iceland See more of why I like Loyalty Cards here.


Ebay as much as possible on my personal site I have some clothes, shoes and toys to list.


Prepare a budget for September to December and work my PEP (Personal Earning Plan) to make £20 per day.


October 2017 I will be starting to save again via Park for Christmas 2018.


Continue de-cluttering both to make space in the house and to raise extra funds by finding things to sell.


Continue to make a little bit each week with Matched Betting this is now going to be extra money to my £20 per day and will be used for small treats etc.


Still looking to decorate the Hallway, which seems to have been on our permanent to-do list. I have asthma and paint is one of my triggers so it is difficult trying to find a time for my Husband to decorate where I can be somewhere else.

If anyone has used the Crown Breatheasy paints I would love you to comment about them.


Still looking to maintain investing via the 10-step plan.


Net worth as at 01/09/2017 was £16273 looking to increase this and have a Net Worth at 01/01/2018 of £ 18000. Net worth report 01/09/2017


Try to build traffic on social media sites for business and blog.

Have you any plans for the last four months of the year?

Please Comment below.


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