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Invest in Property:

Want to invest in property? but have little deposit and a less than good credit file, there is a way, invest with a crowdfunder called Property Moose.

With Property Moose you can invest from as little as £10 so for a couple of working lunches you can start you investment portfolio.

From investing you will receive monthly rental income and your share of any capital growth when the property is sold usually after 2-3 years.

Sign up via Quidco and you can earn a little extra bonus.


If you refer people to Property Moose they and you will receive a £10 credit if they invest £100 or more.

If you would like to be refered to Property Moose and start your own property journey, then please contact us with your first name and email or mobile number.

Email us at

Our Story with Property Moose so far

We started with a small investment of £30.00  in January 2016. We received our first rent payment into the account in March 2016. We have now invested a further two £30 investments. Here’s hoping that the properties have capital growth in the next two to three years. However,  in the meantime we are still receiving more in rent payment, than we would in interest from the bank or building society, so at the moment its a win win.

Updated October 2016:

We now have shares in seven properties from which we receive a monthly dividend. The dividend is more than we would be receiving if the money were in a bank or building society account.

Property Moose have also introduced a second hand market where investors can re-sell the shares they own in a property before the two to three years normal re-sell date. This is good news if you need to access your investment early.

Updated February 2017:

All our seven properties we own shares in are now refurbed and rented out so we are now receiving seven payments per month. Now that we have started our new 12 week plans for 2017 we hope to be able to start investing again.

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