Store Loyalty Cards

Store Loyalty Cards


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Does your purse bulge not with money (unfortunately) but with loyalty cards?

I love my loyalty cards as they provide the perfect way to help pay for Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong even though I love loyalty cards I still check that I am getting the best deal by buying from the store and that I couldn’t buy it cheaper elsewhere.

My Chosen Cards:




Iceland: More a savings scheme than loyalty

Current Balances:

Boots £16

CO-OP £20

Nectar £19

Iceland £17 (when balance reaches £20 they add £1 bonus)

So at the moment my loyalty balance is £72 this is from January this year. With four months left to go I would expect that my balances would total in the region of £100 at Christmas.

Update 13th September 2017:

Boots £21

CO-OP £24

Nectar £21

Iceland £21

Making at total balance of £87

Update 18th October 2017:

Boots £37

CO-OP £13 (had to use some when I forgot Bank Card)

Nectar £22

Iceland £27

Making a Total Balance of £ 99

How to Earn Loyalty Points:


One of the best known and most generous, receive 4 points per £1. They also have lots of ways to gain extra points with offers like spend £30 get 300 points or buy two shampoos get 100 extra points.

As stated before buying I always check prices and make sure that I am not paying more than I need to

At Christmas it is easy to build points as on one of their Christmas event days they usually offer, spend £50 get 1000 points, combine this with their three for two offers or special buys and the savings add up. Having two teenage daughters there is always a hairdryer, curlers or tongs on the wish list.


I love the new CO-OP membership card as not only does it benefit the member but it also benefits the local community and causes. On selected CO-OP branded goods you can earn 5% of what you spend and 1% for your local community/causes. Yes I am aware that their prices can be dearer than the bigger supermarkets. However, if my husband was to get into his car and drive every time we needed a loaf or pint of milk I don’t think we would save very much. They also do have some good offers often the same or better than the bigger supermarkets.


At Sainsbury’s you can earn 1 Point per £1 in store and 1 Point per litre of fuel. Attach your Nectar account to ebay and earn points when you purchase items.

I have the Nectar toolbar downloaded on my computer and use it to search for websites. From this you can earn 1 Nectar point for two searches with 100 points the maximum in any month. By searching 6 websites per day equalling 3 points I can achieve this quite easily. This gives you £1 per month, which is £12 for the year just for doing what you were going to do anyway search online.


This is more of a savings scheme and I add a couple of pounds every time I shop. When my savings get to £20 Iceland add £1 to my savings. They also 2/3 times a year run special bonus promotions currently if I spend £27 2 or more times between 17 July – 20 August 2017 they will reward me with a £6 bonus.

With a bonus card you can also have free home delivery from store with a minimum spend of £20.

Although I save my rewards towards Christmas it is not necessary. With all of the loyalty schemes listed above you can use your points/money at any time of the year.

Best of the Rest

Costa Coffee Club:

Earn 5 points per £1; spent on drinks or food, each point is worth 1p. Use your points to purchase free food or drink.

Debenhams Beauty Card:

Receive 3 points per £1 on beauty, fragrance, beauty services and beauty electricals. Earn £5 for every 500 points, which can be spent on your favourite beauty products as full or part payment.

Superdrug Beautycard:

Earn 1 point per £1. They also run special offers and promotions where you can earn extra points. One added bonus is that as a Beautycard member you can have free delivery when ordering online regardless of your order value. They also offer extra value to Beautycard Members I recently received an additional 5% off perfume even though it was already discounted.

What are your favourite loyalty cards?

Please comment below.




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