My Top 5 Earning Sites

My Top 5 Earning Sites

These are my top 5 Earning Sites:

1, Gifthulk:

My daily work on here is to go into the section Win and Play “Guess the Card” I usually play Guess the Suit and stick with the same suit throughout. Can earn 4 points for guessing correctly plus if you find the Joker you earn 100 Points. You can also win FOY codes worth various amounts and points boosters.

I will then go the column Earn and click on Surveys 2. Firstly check in for 5 points then try to complete one survey.

Earn and be paid by vouchers or direct into Paypal. See more at Gifthulk

2, GDI:

This is one I have recently joined where you can earn from Sales of websites, hosting and domains.

I have a few referrals that are working through the initial stages and you can have a FREE 7 day trial. I am on target for my first bonus of £25 in January.

This has been achieved working with a facebook group run by Ellie of the blog TruleyQuirkyMe If you would like to take a look at this opportunity then please contact me.

3, Futurenet:

Earn by watching ads on and buying ad pack.

You can also make money using the social site something that I haven’t spent a lot of time on so far.

Take a look here.

4, Instagc:

Earn points that you then change into vouchers. I change mine to Amazon vouchers and use the money for Birthday/Christmas presents.

Earn by watching videos, simple tasks or by answering surveys.

See more at Instagc

5, Swagbucks:

Again anything you earn can be changed in Amazon Vouchers or direct into your Paypal account.

Easiest way to earn on this site is to follow the To Do List on the home page there are 8 tasks to be completed everyday. Try to do as many as possible each day as the quickest way to build up your points. There are bonus points for completing 6 out of the 8 tasks and even more for completing the whole to do list.

Easy Simple way to earn.

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